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New daddy survival kit – hospital bag checklist for dad

I get it. When you are huge and pregnant, you barely have the motivation to pack your own bags for the hospital let alone think about your partner.  At the end of my pregnancy I kept asking my husband to pack his hospital bag. He kept telling me he would do it “tonight.” Well for us, tonight came after I was already in the hospital and he had to go back home to grab his stuff.

In hindsight, I wish I would have thrown a few things in my hospital bag that would have made his life easier and not left it up to him. There are a ton of great suggestions out there for what to bring in a hospital bag for mom and baby, so I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here for that. But we can’t forget the person in this equation that made everything possible! Which is why I am sharing my hospital bag checklist for dad…

hospital bag checklist for dad

Our new daddy survival kit

1. Ear plugs

During your stay at the hospital everyone and everything is going to be waking you up. The nurses will come in, the baby will cry, you will toss and turn because the bed is so uncomfortable. Basically you are going to be exhausted from all this and when the night runs into the day someone needs to be fresh and rested to take care of you! The ear plugs will help dad sleep through all this noise so he can be your rock the next day. He will be able to hold the baby while you shower and nap, give you back massages, and just generally watch out for you.

2. Sleep mask

In addition to ear plugs, it is a good idea to stash a sleep mask in your dad bag. The nurse will need some light to be able to assist you through your 2 am breastfeeding attempts! Sometimes you just have to sit back and let the professionals do their job…but don’t bother waking up dad. You need him to go get the coffee the next morning.

3. Protein bars

Throw about 4 of these in your bag. The reason being, you do not know when you little bundle will be coming. It could be in the middle of the night when dad is in stage MAN sleep cycle. (I don’t know about you but my man could sleep through hurricane Katrina.) Waking a man from sleep can cause them to be extremely vulnerable and may lead to them passing out while driving you to the hospital. Dads need to keep up their strength to hold your leg at 2 am. The protein bars are necessary for him to preservere. Our favorite protein bars are Quest Bars because they taste like you are eating dessert.

4. Portable speaker

It was absolutely necessary to have music in our room throughout labor and during our hospital stay. While in labor it provides both you and your partner momentum. The long few days in the hospital after birth, music brings peace to your not-so-hotel-like environment. We have been using our Bose speaker for the past 3 years and take it everywhere with us.

5. Comfortable slippers

This is once again just to add to his comfort level. He needs to have something cozy to walk down the halls with you as you try to work out all the extra fluids you received in labor. Providing a small comfort object like slippers will help him feel more relaxed while you are staying in the hospital.

6. Pillow

Yet another comfort object because he will likely be sleeping on a hard chair bed or cot. The hospital pillows aren’t very nice and everyone and their brother uses them.

7. Oral rehydration salts

These are the best things ever for oral hydration (hence the name). ORS comes in little packets that can be added to your water bottle. It provides the same essential electrolytes as gatorade without all the sugar and dye. Not to mention they are so much lighter to tote around than a bunch of gatorade. Pop a couple of these in his bag in case the labor ends up going on for a while. He will probably be sweating and fretting over you, therefore when it is all said and done he will need to rehydrate. You can purchase packs of oral rehydration solution here.

8. Massage oil

Delivering a baby puts strain on the body whether its accomplished through natural birth or via c-section. With my first labor, I didn’t know how to push. I wound up tensing up my entire body and the next day I was VERY sore! I wish I would have thought to bring massage oil to the hospital. This would have really helped speed my recovery and work out all the extra IV fluids. This is something small to put in dad’s hospital bag so he can thank you for the hard work of delivering his child! Check out my pregnancy-safe, homemade muscle rub recipe. It smells amazing and has many healing properties and of course no harsh chemicals!

9. Push present

It is becoming an accepted part of culture to get mama-to-be a present for bringing a baby into the world (YAY). A “push” present could be something as simple as a thoughtful note but as extravagant as a piece of jewelry. Either way, a small token is a nice way to celebrate the birth of a baby!

10. A notebook

If you are planning on breastfeeding it is a good idea to pack a notebook and pen. You can use this to jot down the last time baby ate, for how long, and the last wet diaper. This really helps to not get too flustered with making sure your baby is nursing often. 

It is also great to be able to write down any questions you may have for the doctor and future appointment times.

As a side note you can add all these notes to your baby’s scrapbook! It is cool to look back and see what you went through and how far you have come, especially as first time parents. 

11. The obvious things...

Of course we can’t forget the usualy things we bring for a long weekend away from home. You will need to bring toiletries, clothing, vitamins, and anything your man uses on a day to day basis.

My purpose in this post was to highlight things I did not think about. I don’t suggest bringing things like magazines or anything because with all the visitors and the busy new schedule with a baby, he really won’t have any leisure time.  

Please leave a comment and share if this information helped you! If you have any additional suggestions that has made your partner’s life easier during this special transitionary time I would love to hear about it.


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2 thoughts on “New daddy survival kit – hospital bag checklist for dad

  1. Well done Cheeky Mommy!
    Sometimes dads get lost with all the attention being focused (as it should) on brand spanking new moms. Love the check list, all your photos and lay out. Also, what’a cutie patootie of a bouncing baby boy! I’m sure you will have lot to write about as he grows…..we parents are always learning.

    Much continued success for your family,

    1. Thank you Nina. I felt compelled to write about this because I found that my husband was so helpful during the day with his being decently rested. It added to the experience for me allowing him to sleep more while we were in the hospital. I know men don’t have the benefit of the same hormones to get them through like women do so this really worked well for us.

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