A natural health approach for raising children

I was raised on natural health remedies as a child. My mom used to put garlic drops in our ears when we had ear infections. Then I went to college and studied nursing. After spending the last decade in the conventional world, my eyes have beheld sickness beyond imagine. 

Then when my son was 7 months old he started having seizures upon receiving the flu vaccine. After seeing his pediatrician, an ER physician, and a specialist, I still did not have an answer as to what was happening to him or why. It was then I realized that my son was born healthy, but conventional medicine made him sick.

I have taken my knowledge of how the human body works and began the journey to study natural medicine as a way to heal my family from common family ailments.

When it comes to raising healthy children, we follow a few basic principles: 

🌻 We eat organic, non-GMO unprocessed food.

🌻 We get a good night’s sleep.

🌻 We keep our days simple and our stress levels low.

🌻 We look to homeopathy, essential oils, and herbs to pick ourselves up when we are down.

🌻 We don’t vaccinate.

🌻 We seek the aid of sophisticated medicine as a last resort without fear, while still supporting our bodies with what God placed on this beautiful earth.

I hope our journey will inspire moms to become their children’s healers.

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