Welcome to The Cheeky Mommy, a blog created for moms by a new mom. I am learning this mommy thing decided to share my journey with you. I am a military spouse, registered nurse, exercising, organic eating, a little too passionate, not enough make-up kinda girl. I would rather wear sweats than do my hair and now I have the perfect excuse….motherhood!

A little back story

I met my husband on a beach. At that time I was in college at the University of Tennessee obtaining my bachelor degree in nursing. I was actually dating someone, and had been for a while, but I knew that he wasn’t “the one.” My roommate at the time asked me to tag along to Destin, Florida where she was planning to vacation with her friends. Being a poor-college student I knew I didn’t have the money to go, but at the last minute, I had a gut feeling that it would be a mistake to remain behind. On the eight-hour drive down we both shared about how we knew our current relationships weren’t meant to be. We decided that we should use this vacation to meet local people, network, and have a great time. When we got home, we planned to sever ties with our current romances. We arrived in Destin around 4 pm and being early summer, we still had plenty of daylight left, so we decided to go for a walk on the beach. Little did I know that walk would change my life forever.

When we stepped on the sand there was only one decision to make, should we go right or left? I saw a huge kite flying in what seemed like the middle of the ocean. We decided to go left and see what it was all about. We were only 15 minutes into our walk when out of the corner of my eye, I see someone….someone tan, someone with muscles, someone I was WAY to intimidated to talk to. He was headed straight for us! After conversing with this beautiful man for a few minutes we discovered that he lived in the neighborhood where our beach rental was located. So naturally, we invited him over for a game of beer pong happening later that evening (college students). To one of my biggest blessings, he came and we started our journey that eventually led to becoming man and wife.

My husband and I have been together for 10 years as I write this and are still as in love with each other now as we were infatuated then. Now it seems our love is deeper, more committed, with an acceptance of the raw version of ourselves, something we learned to develop over the years. It hasn’t been perfect, in fact, we dated for two years overseas when my husband was stationed in Italy. That was really hard to be separated so long. But I will go on about military life at a later time. Fast forward to now and we welcomed our first lovely child into the world on May 30, 2017.

Our son Connor being born wasn’t an accident. We had been married for 6 years, lived in 2 countries, 5 states, and both have careers we are committed to. I am a registered nurse and my husband is in the Navy. We love to travel, exercise, work, be with our friends, and have our hobbies. Having a baby was always something we knew we would do, but the years kept passing and the decision to start a family got harder. I had a lot of concerns regarding how my life would change, how my image would change, how my friendships would change. Being in control of my time is important to me, and not knowing how a child would change all of that was disheartening. I decided I wasn’t going to let fear of the unknown stop me from experiencing a beautiful part of life and some months later, we were blessed with a healthy baby boy with very Chubby Cheeks! Now I am enjoying motherhood more than I ever thought possible.

About the cheeky mommy

Why I created The Cheeky Mommy Blog

I believe in the power of quality nutrition from food grown in a sustainable way. I believe this is the essence of our health, happiness, and the future for our families. I believe there are ways we can minimize our exposure to harmful chemicals, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, and illness.

I have seen some of the devastating effects of certain life choices during my time as an RN. Now that I am a mother, I feel passionate about sharing my knowledge about food, nutrition, and holistic healing with other mommies so they can implement it in their lives. My goal is to educate, drive meaningful conversation, and meet more people who are passionate about clean living. I love learning from others and my hope is to be able to pick up a few tips as well!

About the cheeky mommy


The Cheeky Mommy