Hey there and welcome to my little corner of the web. I am so happy you stopped by! 

My name is Olivia but you can call me Liv. I became a mom in 2017 and it completely changed my world in the best way possible. I have found motherhood to be the place where I can thrive as an individual and feel honored to be able to steward the life of such a special little man. 

I am passionate about raising my son holistically and feel a large responsibility to help him grow up as healthy as possible. Because of this you will find some of my best tips as a mom, healthy recipes, DIY household products, and natural remedies to heal your sick family.

I am a military spouse, registered nurse, exercising, organic eating, a little too passionate, not enough make-up kinda girl. I would rather wear sweats than do my hair and now I have the perfect excuse….motherhood!

The name of this blog spawned from my sweet boy. He was born a whole 6 pounds 12 ounces, most of which was in his cheeks! 

About the cheeky mommy

Why I created The Cheeky Mommy Blog

In my private life I try my to see the world through a positive perspective. I love to joke and laugh with friends over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. 

That being said, I have seen the dark side of human suffering as I cared for the sickest of the sick in the neonatal and cardiac ICU for the last decade of my life. 

Being so deep in conventional medicine has changed the way I define health. It has given me a unique perspective. I have been formally educated in the most advanced modern medical practices, but I choose natural medicine for myself and my family.

I have always believed in the power of quality nutrition from food grown in a sustainable way. I believe this is the essence of our health, happiness, and the future for our families.

I believe there are ways we can minimize our exposure to harmful chemicals, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, and illness.

There are so many things outside of our control as consumers that puts us into contact with substances that aren’t great for our health. 

I have a strong drive to share my passion for clean, intentional living with others! A better future for our planet and thus our children will depend on the adults of this generation taking a second to slow down and make more educated choices about our way of life. 

Ultimately, I want to help people live healthier, happier lives. I would LOVE to connect with you on instagram or facebook!

About the cheeky mommy